Edit ( after some fans comments it’s clear they not understanding our point maybe It came out wrong we ain’t taking nothing from Wilder at all read the post we just want all to show how F*•king close this epic battle was and it does merit a rematch if possible and read what we had wrote only if Joshua Wilder doesn’t happen ) Had to post this that a fan sent us through dm and not taking nothing from @bronzebomber he’s a bad mother f*^ker and he came out like let’s go but his promoters or someone has deep pockets made a signal to the referee again not Wilder but someone with interest in him winning remember wilder sure gets paid but not more than promoters we feel we deserve a rematch and only if @anthony_joshua doesn’t take wilder we really should and deserve a rematch after seeing this , this was a robbery in plain Day and it really was an epic battle of Godzilla bs King Kong #WIlderOrtiz2 or let’s have a UK vs USA old school Showdown let Wilder get his Belts which he deserves and let’s do Wilder Joshua and Luis Vs Whyte in same card in the Uk 🇬🇧 vs 🇺🇸 @eddiehearn think the fans will go insane #WildervsJoshua #OrtizVsWhyte @boxing.news.daily @boxing_sweet_science2.0 @boxingjunky @boxing.house @boxinghype @showtimeboxing @premierboxing @boxing_planet @boxingguru @wbcboxing @boxing.news.daily @crownboxing @boxing_boxeo @boxeocubano @boxeodecolombia @boxeomundialcom @espnboxeo @latinboxsports @beinglatino @cubanboxing305 @mcuban @espndeportes @espn @espnboxeo please @worldstar

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